Versa SL Electrical Steps

VERSA SL is a stable and safe electrical step for installation underneath the vehicle

Versa SL is the newest developments in electrical steps for the sliding doors of minibuses. It has been made in a combination of steel and aluminium and weighs between 16-18 kg. – depending on model.

Based on many years of experience and knowledge the Versa SL is build to last. Tests performed under Icelandic winter conditions prove the steps performance under some of the most extreme road and weather conditions in the world.

An open structure effectively limits the chances of dirt, snow and ice to obstruct the movement of the step. Furthermore, and open surface with R13 friction approval ensures a solid foothold for the passengers. Yellow markings all around the step enhances the visibility of the step.

The Versa SL step will be in – or out – within 1,5 seconds and with a maximum load of 250 kg. a stable, reliable and safe step is ensured.



Step depth: 310 mm
Step length:  1000 or 1200 mm (depending on model)


16 – 18 kg. (depending on model)

Loading Capacity

Maximum loading capacity: 250 kg


Frame:  Steel plate work, high-temperature zinc anti-corrosion treatment.

Step: Aluminum with ABS edge profiles


This step has been tested with 250.000 cycles, which ensure the durability and liability we know you need.

The high-temperature zinc corrosion protection will help improving the durability as well.

Opening/Closing time

With an opening/closing time of 1,5 seconds the Versa SL step will follow both fast activities as well as frequent use.


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