Seat Bases

Seat Legs for Mini Buses

The seat bases are available in all types of variants from regular to legs for mounting above the wheel arch. From fixed (F) to detachable versions.

Leg for a bus seat

Quickstep Leg

A very durable lightweight leg which meets all requirements in relation to the M1 category.

The leg is front operated and easy to access. It can even be operated with the foot.

Detachable HandiSeat Leg

Our detachable HandiLeg has been tested in the HandiFloor according to the ECE requirements, and is available in different heights.

Weight: from 8,2 kg. and up after

Height:  300 mm / 337 mm / 370 mm

Order: 710370 /  710369 / 710368

Fixed HandiSeat Leg

Our fixed HandiLeg has been tested and approved for installation in HandiFloor according to all relevant ECE-regulations together with HandiSeats.

Weight: from 8 kg. and up after

Height: 260 mm / 300 mm / 337 mm / 370 mm

Ordre no.:         / 761040 / 761041 / 761042

Quickstep revolving seat

The pyramid-shaped leg for tip and fold seats.

The leg fits L-Floor

Weight: 8,5 kg.

Order no.: QS288D

HandiLeg TAF

HandiSeat TAF leg

A turnable fixed leg version for HandiSeat Turn & Fold. It fits the Handifloor.

Weight: 8,2 kg.

Height: 250 mm

Order no.:  700365

Leg for mounting by the wheel weel

45 Degree Leg

Legs for floor and wall mounting by the wheel wells. It fits the L-floors.


Order no.: Q288EL45  (left) / Q288ER45 (Right)

Single Bridge

Bridge for mounting a single TAF seat over the wheel well. Fits in L-Floor


275 mm for Mercedes Sprinter

335 mm for MAN TGE / VW Crafter / Transit

385 mm for Fiat Ducato

Order no.: BOM275x1237 ( Sprinter)

BOM335x1618 (MAN TGE/ VW Crafter/ Transit)

BOM385x1237 (Fiat Ducato)

Double Bridge

Bridge for mounting a double TAF seat over the wheel arch. Fits in the L-Floors


275 mm for Mercedes Sprinter &

335 mm for MAN TGE / VW Crafter / Transit


Order no.: BOM275x1618 (Mercedes Sprinter)

BOM335x1618 (MAN TGE / VW Crafter / Transit)

Saddle for Bridge

Seat component for the bridge over the wheel well.

You need one per seat.

Weight: 2,02 kg.

Order no.: SADEL

Fixed single seat leg

Fixed leg

Fixed single leg. The leg fit in L-Floor

Weight: 3,66 kg. or 4,08 kg.

The weight is incl. everything – screws etc.

Height: 288 mm or 350 mm

Order no.: Q288FIX / Q350FIX

Glider for wheel well bridge

Glider for wheel well bridge

Set of 4 gliders for mounting the seat on the bridge over the wheel well.

Order no.:  GLIDBOM

Glider for fixed seat leg

Glider for fixed seat leg

Set of 4 pcs. to mount a seat on a fixed leg.

Order no.:  GLIDFIX

Wheels for bus seat base

Wheels for HandiSeat Leg

The detachable seat legs can be combined with a set of wheels.

The wheels helps to indicate the exact position of the seat legs locking position in the rail.

Order no.:  700376

Wheeles for bus seat leg

Wheels for Quickstep Leg

Quickstep wheels can help you when you need to move a seat. Just loosen the seat leg and tilt the seat. Now you can roll the seat and avoid heavy lifting.

Sold as a set with 2 pcs.

Order no.:  QWHEEL


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