Steps facilitate entry into the vehicle. It can be mounted at the front, at the side door and/or at the rear.

Our steps are modern in design, stable in use and durable in their lifespan.

With an extra step you will make the entry and exit even easier. It is also a great help when you are driving with small children, elderly or sick persons who do not have much strength, as well as when you have to lift things in and out of the car.

The non-slip surface provides a safe entry in all weather conditions.

Fixed Steps

We offer a serie of fixed steps for the side door, the front door, or both, in minibuses and vans.

Electrical Steps

Electrical cassette steps for position at the side door or at the front door in minibuses.

Mechanical Steps

The DB STEP 600-L is for vehicles with a high floor height, where a single step does not fully cover the gap from floor-to-ground.

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