Minibus conversion parts

Products for Minibus Conversions

AutoProduct offers various products and solutions for use in minibus conversion.

We have worked with minibus conversions for many years and have extensive experience with everything from customized VIP minibuses to taxis and minibuses for wheelchair users.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us – we work with the components every day and will be happy to help you find the right option.

Window set for a Maxus minibus

2 pcs. backdoor windows

2 pcs. rear side windows

1 pcs. small rear side window

2 pcs. to the center of the vehicle


Order no.:

MAX6000: H2

MAX6001: H3

Rail Covers

Cover for the floor rails. Gives a nice finish and prevents any dirt from getting into the rail.

The cover is available in rubber or aluminium.


Order no.:

AFDSKINSG: Grey rubber strip

AFSKINS: Black rubber strip

04766A: Silver aluminum

04766S: Black aluminum

Overhead luggage rack for a minibus

Overhead Luggage Rack

The extra storage space for your vehicle.


Order no.:

20030: Ford Transit L3

20031: Ford Transit L2

20032: Fiat Ducato L2

20034: Mercedes Sprinter A2

20035: VW Crafter / MAN TGE L3

Bus overhead luggage rack

Luxury Overhead Luggage Rack

Luggage rack with led light above and blue indicator light below for when driving.

The rack is available in 3 lenghts.


Order no.:

SAR2780R2: 2780 mm. for Mercedes A2

SAR3800R3: 3800 mm. for Mercedes A3

SAR4200A4: 4200 mm. for Mercedes A4

Airline Rail over the Window

Rail over window for restraint systems.

3700 mm. Comes in silver or black.


Order no.:

520879: Silver

520879S: Black

END1: 1 pcs. end cap – black

End Profiles for L-Floor

Cover profiles in stainless steel for that extra finish


Order no.: 

JK211: Front end – MB Sprinter

JK201: Rear end – MB Sprinter

JK221:Rear end – No lift – MB Sprinter

MAX210: Front end for 7L – Maxus 3906

MAX220: Rear end – Maxus

MAN210: Front end – SMALL – MAN TGE / VW Crafter

MAN211: Front end – LARGE – MAN TGE / VW Crafter

MAN220: Rear end – SMALL – MAN TGE / VW Crafter

Hand Grip for a minibus

Hand rail

Stainless steel for the different vehicle models.


C-Pillar Order no.:

MAX87: Maxus

PS87A: MB Sprinter

MAN87: MAN/Crafter

FT87: Ford Transit

FT87G: Ford Transit – Yellow


B-Pillar Order no.:

MAX86: Maxus

PS86: MB Sprinter

MAN87KF: MAN/Crafter – short

MAN86: MAN/Crafter

FT87: Ford Transit

FT86: Ford transit

Side Entrance Covering

Z profiles in Stainless steel for the bus entrance.

It can be ordered with your logo.


Order no.:

508-139: MB Sprinter L-Floor

508-140: Maxus 7L L-Floor

508-141: MAN TGE / VW Crafter

508-142: Maxus 8L L-Floor


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