Solutions for Conversion of Disabled Vehicles

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Electrical Parking Brakes

The electric parking brake is specially designed for people who cannot pull a normal handbrake manually due to lack of strength or range.
The parking brake is connected to the cars control panel and can be operated by pressing a button based on the customers needs.

6-Way Seat Base:

HandiPSB is an electrical 6-way seating base for larger vans and vehicles. The seat base can be adjusted into 6 directions; up/down, left/right, forward/backwards. The base plate can rotate 180 degrees left or right, depending on version.


Handi Hoist 45:

The HandiHoist 45 can lift wheelchairs or scooters up to 45 kg safely into narrow vehicles.

Door opener in a vehicle for disabled

Door Openers

Plug and play system.

Our systems are designed to be maintenance-free and easy to install, thus freeing up valuable man-hours for other services.


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