L-Floor M1

Full-floor Solution Aluminium & Plywood

The L-Floor is up to 40% lighter than other well-known brands on the market. It is very durable and can be mounted in just 20 minutes.


The floor is assembled from aluminium rails and 9 mm plywood. The position of the rails is extremely flexible and at the same time the floor is strong and stable. It can be adapted to almost all types of vehicles and has been tested by TUV SÜD in many different models.


We can deliver the floor 100% ready for assembly, in one piece or in two parts, depending on your needs. Cut-outs for screens, heat etc. are naturally included in the purchase. We even offer the floor mounted with vinyl or carpet. You only need to clean the floor with the special primer, and you’re ready to glue it.

Floor with a highly configurable layout

The floor is easily configurable with plenty of seating options. It can be adapted to a vehicle for the disabled in minutes. This makes the minibus a very flexible means of transport for passengers.

We offer small transport wheels for the seat leg so that the seat can be moved around without the big heavy lifts when it is necessary to convert the layout of the bus.

Floor Covering

The floors can be supplied with vinyl or carpet covering.


It is a natural step to complement the floor with vinyl or carpet. It improves the appearance, has a slight sound dampening effect and has a non-slip surface.


We offer the covering pre-cut so that it fits between the rails. You just have to choose one of the several different colors and patterns and we can mount it for you.

Grey vinyl for bus

Light Grey – 351

Vinyl with a wooden look for minibuses

Black Wood – 342

Grey vinyl for a mini bus

Antrasit Grey – 352

Black carpet for a bus

Carpet Black – 298

Black vinyl for a Bus floor

Black – 353

                            If you want the vinyl with double sided tape on the back, please add the letters “SA” to your order.

Floor Accessories

Activator or Primer

Glue for vehicle floor

Spacer blocks used for gluing vehicle floor

Spacer Blocks – Glasklods

Safety Brackets – SAFBRS

Any Questions?

L-Floor Manual
Minibus floor with grey vinyl


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