L-Floor M1 Plus

Full-floor Solution Aluminium & Composite

L-floor M1 Plus is one of the most flexible and lightweight full-floor systems on the market. It is assembled from 10 mm composite material and aluminum profiles.


A 3200 mm long floor with 6 aluminum rails weighs only 67 kg. It makes it ideal for electrical minibusses where weight is of great importance.


The positioning of the rails is highly adaptable, opening up countless possibilities for positioning chairs and wheelchairs according to your driving needs.


The floor is glued into the minibus in one or two pieces, depending on your preference. No trouble cutting out. Not a lot of screws in the car, which can cause rust problems. Just a quick and easy installation that can be done in 20 minutes.


Vinyl or carpet covering?

It is the final touch to a floor – non-slip surface, slightly sound-absorbing and beautiful.


We have the floor covering cut out to fit between the aluminum profiles.  Simply choose the pattern and color you like. If you want, we can install it for you

Grey vinyl for bus

Light Grey – 351

Vinyl with a wooden look for minibuses

Black Wood – 342

Grey vinyl for a mini bus

Antrasit Grey – 352

Black carpet for a bus

Carpet Black – 298

Black vinyl for a Bus floor

Black – 353

                                 You can order the vinyl with double sided tape on the back, by adding the letters “SA” to your order.

All you need for the floor

Primer for vehicle Floor

Primer or Activator 

Glue for the vehicle floor

Spacer blocks used for gluing vehicle floor

Distance Blocks – GLASKLODS

Safety Brackets – SAFBRS

Any Questions?

L-Floor Manual
L-Floor M1 Plus


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