Sunviauto Seats

Sunviauto Seats - also known as HandiSeats

Sunviauto Seat - Fixed

Sunviauto Seat - Fixed

Sunviauto F is a M1 aproved seat with fixed back rest. It has integrated isofix anchorage points and seat belt.

Standard upholsteries for immediate delivery include black artificial leather and a combination of black artificial leather and fiber.

Weight: 15,7 kg. 


Order no.

700311: Standard upholstery – Left

700312: Standard upholstery – right

700394: Black/Yellow Artificial Leather – Left – with arm rest right side

700396: Black/Yellow Artificial Leather – Right – with arm rest left side

700330: Armrest

Sunviauto Seat - Reclinable

Sunviauto Seat - Reclinable

Sunviauto R Seat with reclinable back rest. It is aproved for M1 and comes with integrated seat belt and isofix anchorage points.


Weight: 17,4 kg. 


Order no.

700301: Standard upholstery – Left

700302: Standard upholstery – Right

700405: Black Artificial Leather – red stitches – Left

700406: Black Artificial Leather – red stitches – Right

700398: Black/Yellow Artificial Leather – Left – with arm rest right side

700330: Armrest

Bus seat fabric

Standard upholstery

Artificial leather & fabric with white stitch

Artificial leather with red stitch

Black/Yellow Artificial leather


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