luxury seat in black and grey for bus

The Starvip Luxury Bus Seat

The passenger seat is extra wide and can slide to the side.

A larger and more comfortable seat for VIP customers or people who need extra care.

Weight: 15,6 kg.

Exambles of Design & Fabric

luxury seat in black and grey for bus

Starvip Black/Grey

Artificial Leather & Pattern

STARVIP close up

Order no.:

78400-6091: Left

78400-6092: Left + 1 armrest

78400-6094: Left + 2 armrests

Starvip Black

Artificial Leather

Black Star VIP - close up

Order no.:

78400-6041: Left

78400-6042: Left + 1 arm rest

78400-6044: Left + 2 arm rests

GRL VIP Seat - MAN fabric

Starvip MAN Fabric

& Artificial Leather head restraint

GRL VIP Seat - MAN CLose up

Order no.:

78400-6033: Left

78400-6034: Left + 1 armrest

78400-6036: Left + 2 armrests

Starvip with Footrest

Black Artificial Leather

Starvip Seat - close up

Order no.:

SV-LEG10VA   Left + 1 armrest

SV-LEG10HA   Right + 1 armrest

Seat Accessories

Glider for Seat – 4 pcs.

Product no. VEJ29

GRL Newspaper Net

Product no. AVISNET

GRL Armrest Left

Product no. ARMV

Safety belt with sensor


GRL Armrest Right

Product no. ARMH

ISO Fix brackets for child seats

Product no. ISO

Folding Table behind Chair

Product no. KLAPBORD

Seat Spare Parts

Side Cover for the Seat – Left

Product no.: COV GRL STD V

Reclamable back for GRL

Product no. GRL R Back

Side cover for bus seat

Side Cover for Seat – Right

Product no.: COV GRL STD H

Cover cap for seat belt


Seat Belt Lock

Product no.: Seat Belt Lock

Seat Belt

Product no. GRL SELE


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