Door Openers

Plug and Play system

Our systems are designed to be easily installed and to be maintenance-free, thus freeing important man-hours to other services.

They can both be mounted in almost any type of vehicle depending on the needs, and can be operated with our wireless remote for easy and safe access.

To enhance the safety further the HandiHDO can be operated manually like a normal hatch door in case of power fail, and the HandiRDO have an emergency release split, which enables the same. Furthermore, they are both designed to maximise the space for good vision.

Door opener in a vehicle for disabled

Hatch Door Openers:

The HandiHDO is a high-quality automatic hatch door opener. It can be used in combination with a HandiLift wheelchair lift or as a stand-alone automatic hatch opener for any type of WAV.

Door opener in bus for disabled

Rear Door Openers:

The HandiRDO is a high-quality automatic door opener, to be used in combination with a wheelchair lift


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